Current Research

Registration for the 2018 Survey of Factors Affecting College Enrollment is now open.

The response to our 2017 Survey of Factors Affecting College Enrollment- Presidents’ Edition has been wonderful.  If you’ve not yet completed the 2017 SFACE-PE, go to  It takes less than five minutes, and your response will strengthen the reliability of the data. 

2018 Survey of Factors Affecting College Enrollment- Student Edition When you’ve completed the Presidents’ Edition survey, please consider registering your school for the Student Edition. You can then compare your students’ responses to yours, and with that knowledge identify the most important areas for improvement.  Simply complete the registration form using the link below.  When you do, Community College Partners will customize the survey instrument for your college and provide you with a link to be sent to potential respondents.  Although instrument items remain the same for all schools, the header, introduction, contact information, and redirect page are each specific to your college.  At the end of the survey period (typically six weeks), you will receive a report of the data collected for easy analysis.  And unlike previous student-specific surveys from CCP, the cost of which was tied to your school’s tuition rates, the 2018 SFACE-SE has a flat-rate participation fee of $200.

Survey Format and Administration All surveys are administered online through SurveyMonkey. Participation by respondents is strictly voluntary and is limited to one completion of the survey per computer IP address. Each college will designate an individual at the college to work with our team to identify potential participants.  Emails are sent from the college to these individuals each week for your designated period inviting participation in the survey. Questions regarding participating in the 2018SFACE-SE should be directed to Kelly Knight at