3-Year Program

In 2016 we introduced community and technical colleges to the Survey of Perceived Barriers to College Attendance (SPBCA). The response was wonderful. With the passage of time we’ve recognized, however, that some survey formats are more user-friendly than others. So we created and tested the 2017 Survey of Factors Affecting College Enrollment- Presidents’ Edition, a rank-order survey inviting college presidents and chancellors to place, in order of significance, 15 factors that affect enrollment, each of which was identified in doctoral research by various individuals.

As a follow-up to this well-received survey, we have introduced the 2018 Survey of Factors Affecting College Enrollment- Student Edition. And along with the newest survey, we are introducing the Three-year Program.

Year/semester 1: The college conducts its first survey. The college uses the survey report we provide to identify the most significant factors as related by its students, implementing improvements where possible for the following semester or academic year.

Year/semester 2: The college conducts its second survey, comparing the new data to the prior year/semester data. Using the data from both surveys, the college implements further improvements.

Year/semester 3: The college conducts the third survey, and again compares data to the two previous surveys and makes further adjustments to its improvement plan.

Note> Spring semesters may be substituted for Fall with equal success.

With the Three-year Program, schools receive a 5% discount on the second survey, and 10% discount on the third survey. 

For more information on the 3-year Program, write to kelly.knight@communitycollegepartners.com.